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Using the Unity Facebook SDK with iOS and Android

It’s great that Facebook have supplied an SDK which allows Unity developers to integrate sign in into our mobile games. However, I found that the documentation is sometimes out of date, and the example code is not always that easy to understand. There’s also a couple of “gotchas” which are good to know about! I…

The 3 month project, 14 months on

In September 2013, I sat down at my desk, ready to immerse myself in the world of game development. I loaded up Unity, created a new scene, and hit Save. Pukka Golf was born. Fourteen months on, and I’m still working on my first game. So what happened? Why has it taken so long to…

Level Design Process

The level design process for most of the multiplayer first person shooter maps I have authored over the years has largely been the same.  Start with a rough sketch on paper, construct the level with large blocky shapes (what is commonly called grey-block) which forms the basic layout, then test and iterate the level all…


Welcome to the Pukka Golf blog and website! We have been working on this game for a while and thought it was about time we showed it off! Over the coming weeks, Daniel and I will use this blog to post our ramblings and provide a bit of background on the development of Pukka Golf….