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Pukka Golf

Pukka Golf is a fast and challenging game, in which the main goal is to reach the flag as quickly as possible. In Pukka Golf, you can take shots while the ball is still moving, enabling you to move much quicker than in other golf games.

Out now on iOS and Android.

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The Developers


Ivan Oates

Game design and programming

After studying Software Engineering, Ivan worked for a while in tech support before diving head first into game development. In 2013, Ivan started learning to use Unity and eventually came up with the concept for Pukka Golf. This is Ivan’s first commercial game, and he hopes to continue working in the game industry in the future.


Daniel Pitts

Game and level design

In addition to creating most of the levels in Pukka Golf, Daniel has been involved in refining the game design and core mechanics. Daniel has worked in the game industry for over a decade on many AAA titles. In 2011, Daniel left the AAA industry to be an independent game developer.

Licensed music and art

The music and some of the textures used in Pukka Golf have been licensed from external artists. By using licensed assets, we have been able to keep the core team size small.