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Quick facts

  • Created by two independent developers. See About page for more info.
  • Developers based in the UK (Ivan), and Canada (Daniel).
  • Published by Kabot Lab Ltd. A company founded by Ivan in 2014.
  • For iOS and Android phones and tablets. Other platforms may be added in the future.
  • Released 1st February 2015.
  • Development began in winter 2013.
  • Game developed using Unity.


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Press coverage

Pukka Golf is one of the most polished and enjoyable physics-based golf games available on any digital marketplace.

Pocket Gamer

The quality of the level design can’t be overstated. … Pukka Golf will keep me busy for plenty of bus rides to come.


Pukka Golf packs everything that you would want from a great mobile title. … The game had me hooked right off the bat and will probably remain installed on my tablet until I have earned every single star.


There is no shortage of fun in the Pukka Golf app with more than 100 levels of challenges available. … fast-paced from the start, addictive, and highly entertaining.


Amazingly well designed, Pukka Golf is an awesome new physics platformer that feels like a seamless hybrid of Angry Birds and Super Mario Bros.

Super Game Droid

We’ve played plenty of golf games over the years, and a new one called Pukka Golf has quickly become one of our favorites.

Slim Gamer

Pukka Golf is a great example of mini-golf done the right way on mobile.

Games Reviewer

Great game, really well thought out mechanics, intelligent level design.

Indie App Gamer